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Next Workshop: 31st March 2020

Objectives of course:

Butt Kickers Professional Development Workshop was designed for experienced practitioners who wish to sharpen their tools, and for emerging professionals and students who are looking to embrace effective treatment strategies which foster authenticity, empowerment and positive change. The workshop is appropriate for counsellors, case managers, mental health professionals, employment consultants, chaplains and any other community service workers who want to incorporate more practical tools into their professional role or practice.

A large component of this experiential workshop is reflective practice with the use of theoretical models, metaphors and tools. Participants will learn how to work better with their clients in formulating objective treatment plans from the very first session – this is extremely important and empowering for the client and the therapeutic relationship. It assists in building trust and rapport, while promoting accountability for both client and Counsellor.

Don’t worry; there won’t be any role plays! But you will spend the day participating in experiential activities that focus on past, present and future (reflection, mindfulness & projection), in the context of change and objective, measurable goal setting. The workshop is designed to complement and enhance the awesome work that you are already doing within your local communities.

It will also be a great opportunity to connect with other counsellors and community workers in your area.

On top of all the great tools and networking, you will also accrue 5 OPD points & 1 hour of Professional Supervision.

Course / Workshop content

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to: –

  • Utilise practical tools derived and adapted from ACT, CBT, Motivational interviewing, Solution-Focused & Person-Centred therapies, and know how to apply thesetoolsin the counselling setting.
  • Apply therapeutic models, tools and techniques to promote self-awareness and the healthy work-life balance of the Counsellor and client: e.g. AAA Battery Model – Awareness, Acceptance & Action
  • Implement the “Five E’s” into your own therapeutic approach:
    1. Educational – theoretical models
    2. Experiential – practical tools and techniques
    3. Empowerment – challenging your clients to challenge themselves
    4. Expression – creativity strategies to uncover client authenticity
    5. Evaluation – personal, professional and client progress.
  • Incorporate the evidence-based CHIME model (five primary predictors of recovery &change) into your role or counselling practice.
  • Apply a practical, east-to-remember method for incorporating the six elements of Acceptance Commitment Therapy into the counselling setting.
  • Support and empower clients to begin to change their mind set, through understanding the basic physiological aspects of neuroplasticity.
  • Confidently discuss the concepts of Freedom & Identity with your clients – identifying conflicts, dissonance &barriers that are often associated with these.
  • Clearly articulate an answer to the questions “Who are you? What is your purpose?” Transfer this awareness to individuals and group counselling. You will be able to better support your clients in creating a clear vision,that guides them towards a more genuine, authentic sense of self.
  • Utilise a variety of Mindfulness scripts for your clients and / or your personal well-being

“We cannot expect of our clients what we are not prepared to do ourselves.”

Workshop outline:

09:00 – 10.45am Session 1 – Uncovering hopes & dreams
11.00am Session 2 -Exploring value domains
12:30pm Lunch
1.00 – 2.45pm Session 3 – “Getting Real” authentic goal setting
3.00pm Conclusion / Evaluation





Bachelor of Psychology
Diploma of Counselling – ACA registration Level 4
Advanced Training in Acceptance Commitment Therapy
Membership to College of Clinical Supervisors



Masters of Education – Griffith University
Certificate of Yoga Teacher Training

Suzette has over 30 years’ experience as an educator. Her passion is sharing experiences to enhance well-being to children, families and teaching colleagues. She is extending her practice now to support her life partner, Jeff by embedding some well-being practice into these workshops. Using a variety of techniques including; mindfulness, sound scapes (flute, harp, percussion, singing bowl), body stretching, connecting with breath, creative visualisation, Suzette supports participants to integrate body and mind and bring us more fully into the present moment, to enliven the process of change.


CONCESSION: $210 (25%)


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